About Us

We are a team of technology product leaders and builders who help founders take product visions to market, while building out their in-house technical teams. We:

  • Deploy scalable cloud infrastructure
  • Run technical product management
  • Build-out (recruit and hire) in house technical talent
  • All while executing timely projects in parallel.

Our Clients

Our clients range from solopreneurs working to realize their visions, start-up teams seeking technical capabilities, to enterprise teams accelerating time to market for new product initiatives.

We love building. We build products and launch projects of different sizes, complexities, and durations. We do this through our US, near-shore and off-shore network of proven Ruby's Lab team members.

Why Ruby’s Lab

We are an on-demand team that brings technology leadership, product management leadership, and agile project delivery. Advantages:

  • Seasoned US based team members work directly with you during your business hours.
  • Near shore, and off-shore teams provide round the clock productivity with a complimentary cost model.
  • C-level technical architect team engages in fractional time only as needed.
  • Adaptable team size built to take on short and simple to complex, long duration engagements.
  • Shared long-term objective to build independence through in-house technical capability.

Prasantha Jayakody


20+ years launching products and leading technical teams for industry leaders including Microsoft, Vulcan, AT&T Wireless and GE.


Colin Kwong


20+ years of technical experience building technical solutions, cloud platforms, and R&D labs for industry leaders including Microsoft, AWS, AT&T Wireless and Nike.